• Y’all…I recently bought CBD products from my friend, Memory. If you’re looking for relief from pain or anxiety, or just want to sleep better, check out her store! Her products are THC-free, and 100% legal in Iowa. They’re already doing wonders for my pain and sleep!

    Shannon Rouston
  • Thank you for your amazing products. We have been buying this regularly even at the flea market. Good Stuff, we are customers forever!!! I use it and my 93 yr old dad uses it.

    Steve Cothran
  • I’ve been taking the CBD CBG 1000 MG Oil now for two months. It has been so amazing for my stomach. I was having so many digestive issues and I no longer have the stomach aches, bloating, etc. You are my CBD go to for now on. Thank you so much for helping me.

    Kimberly Adkins
  • We need this ASAP because the bottle we previously bought from you is out and the stuff we bought in town is not as good and our dog is having a hard time. Please ship asap and we can pay now.
    Thank you

    Kim Rickman
  • Hi Memory,

    So far I have received EXCELLENT feedback about the cbd. One said she loved the texture of the salve another the scent but 2 people said it truly helped their pain!

    Jessica Berger

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