I'm excited for my new line with Hempseed Oil and also CBD Watch for upcoming products and I hope you like them.  I also have my amazing slushy mixes and I love to sew as well so I've included my Snuggle Buggles. I look forward to helping people and also love to make people happy. Would love to hear your comments


  • Thomas please email and we can discuss the dosages.

    Memory Turner
  • What is the dosage or how many drops of CBD oil do you use twice a day? Thanks

  • I am a big fan of the CBD choco rolla bouts cookies. They ha e been amazing and help with my anxiety. I have a prescription for xanax but this is a more natural way and non habit forming way to help when I need it!! I recommend it highly and will be ordering more. Thank you!

    Angie Boyd
  • I have had issues with anxiety in the past and have a prescription for xanax. I know it can be habit forming potentially however i dont take it unless I am in need of it. Lately I’ve had some stressfull situations and am trying her cookies with CBD in it instead. They are amazing. I had one cookie and was calmed down and relaxed within minutes. I could not believe how well it worked. Seemed much more effective and faster than my xanax. I will definitely be purchasing more of this product. 😁

    Angie Boyd

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