I'm excited for my new line with Hempseed Oil and also CBD Watch for upcoming products and I hope you like them.  I also have my amazing slushy mixes and I love to sew as well so I've included my Snuggle Buggles. I look forward to helping people and also love to make people happy. Would love to hear your comments


  • Turnabout memories is such a wonderful unique store whose products are all made with both the customer & small business owner’s best care being the most important! What a fun & great place to shop ❣️

    Melody Dittmer
  • During surgery I throughly enjoyed the CBD lotion. My injury site was on my dominant hand, this lotion soothed and created comfort!

    Herkisha Burkett
  • I purchased the cbd lotion for excema on my face. Within two days it was all clear. This is amazing! I will continue to buy it

    Carlene Hardesty
  • Will you be making any more cbd rice crispy treat balls, by chance? They were both delicious & effective!

  • I recently purchased the CBD dog treats. My dog Weezy is horrible in the car and I’ve been trying to find ways to calm him down and get him to relax while taking road trips. I have Weezy a CBD dog treat and within 30 minutes he was calmly laying down in the back seat. He would pop up a time or two to look out the window but otherwise he laid down the majority of our 4 hour car ride. The CBD dog treats are awesome! My dog is a pitbull who is about 10 years old and 65 lbs. I purchased the 45mg CBD dog treats and I’d highly recommend if you need help getting your dog to relax and mellow out a bit. Thank you TurnAboutMemories I’ll be back for more!

    Theo Burkett

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